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Balcony Garden: Design Elements

Balcony Gardens are a trend due to the ease of installation and maintenance. They provide environmental respite in a hustling bustling city, making them a biophilic solution. Read more on how a balcony garden can be designed...

Space design demands a thorough understanding of design elements and features for exceptional planning.

So, here we will be discussing design features that can be implemented by balcony garden contractors and companies.

1. Premium Flooring

When it comes to crafting a captivating balcony garden, selecting the right flooring is a crucial step.

Our balcony landscaping solutions offer an array of flooring options from wooden decking for a warm, natural feel to low-maintenance tiles, vinyl, or artificial grass flooring. We help you choose the ideal flooring that complements your balcony garden planning and design.

2. Plants and Planters

Choosing the right plants and planters is a pivotal part of our balcony garden installation process, especially if you have limited space. Balcony garden experts at Indeville are here to help you select the perfect plants for your balcony garden that thrive in all climatic conditions.

We bring a diverse selection of balcony plants (like Spider Plant, Golden Pothos, and Begonia), cheap artificial plants, as well as stylish planters from rustic to sleek and modern.

3. Innovative Vertical Garden

Elevate your small space with our balcony landscaping company’s innovative vertical garden solutions.

Maximize your small space by going vertical, using a combination of wall-mounted planters, trellises, and artificial grass. Our expertly designed vertical gardens make the most of confined spaces, bringing life, nature, and colour to your balcony like never before.

4. Hanging Gardens

Incorporate a touch of charm and creativity into your balcony landscaping with a hanging garden.

Our balcony landscaping specialists can offer a variety of design options with suspending planters, railing planters, and hanging baskets, along with plants like cascading flowers, edged dracaena, herbs, or artificial plants. A hanging garden saves space and adds a visually captivating element to your balcony.

Explore Our Project Gallery: Indeville Design Studio Gallery

5. Privacy Screens

Privacy screens and retractable partitions are popular balcony features in apartments and independent flats. They provide privacy from the neighbours along with reducing extreme sun, wind, and rain exposure.

Indeville Design Studio provides balcony privacy screens installation in various materials, designs, and sizes.

6. Water Features and Sculptures

A balcony garden isn’t just about plants – it’s about creating a holistic experience.

We offer an array of water features and sculptures to enhance your balcony landscaping. The soothing sounds of a small fountain or the captivating presence of sculptures can transform your balcony garden into a tranquil space.

Hire balcony garden experts with Indeville Design Studio to help you select and integrate these design elements, adding an artistic and serene touch to your residence.

7. Lighting Solutions

Lighting is the key to extending the enjoyment of your outdoor spaces into the evening hours.

We offer a range of lighting fixtures that add both practicality and style to your space. Whether it’s fairy lights that create a magical atmosphere, or LED spotlights that highlight your garden’s best features, balcony garden consultation will aid you in designing balcony lighting and enhancing the beauty of the space.

8. Furniture Selection

Transform your balcony garden into a cosy space with our carefully curated furniture options.

From bistro sets for intimate breakfasts to comfortable seating for relaxation, our expertise ensures your balcony is inviting and functional. Elevate your balcony with our balcony garden services, get assistance choosing the right furniture, and savour moments of serenity amidst the greenery.

These balcony garden services and features are just the tip of the iceberg. You can come up with any idea and our balcony garden experts promise to implement it.

Design and conceptualising are essential parts of balcony design. They help to make essential balcony garden planning decisions including garden theme, material, space distribution, movement, and space usability.

Book a balcony garden consultation today with Indeville Design Studio for the ultimate balcony transformation…


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