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10 Garden Trends To Follow In 2024: Part 2

with our green spaces. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or just getting your hands dirty for the first time, these trends offer something exciting for everyone. So, grab your gardening gloves and let's embark on this journey together!
Gardening Trends of 2024

Welcome back, fellow garden enthusiasts!

As promised, we’re diving into Part 2 of our exploration into the latest gardening trends of 2024. In this installment, we’re uncovering five fresh and fascinating concepts that are reshaping the way we interact with our green spaces.

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just getting your hands dirty for the first time, these trends offer something exciting for everyone. So, grab your gardening gloves and let’s embark on this journey together!

Sensory Garden

Sensory Garden: Garden Trends 2024

The sensory garden consists of design elements that stimulate the human five senses: touch, smell, hearing, sight, and taste. To execute this design concept, you can experiment using colourful, fragrant, and edible plants; water features; textured hardscapes; outdoor furniture; and more.

This gardening trend can help to create a peaceful environment that promotes mindfulness and therapeutic healing.

Plants and other design elements that can entice the senses:

1. Sight:

For enhanced visuals, use varied plants like climbers and creepers, bushes, hedges, trails, potted plants, and more. Seasonal leaves and flowers can add colours to your garden. Colour variation can also be added using outdoor structures, furniture, and hardscapes.

2. Smell:

You can mix aromas using plants like flowers (gardenia, jasmine, honeysuckle, Burma creeper), herbs (rosemary, lemongrass, lavender), and spices (cinnamon, paprika, cumin).

3. Sound:

Many trees and plants make a sound when wind passes through them, such as bamboo stems, she-oak trees, honesty (Lunaria annua), etc. This phenomenon is called “Songs of the Trees” consisting of sounds like a gentle caressing whisper, a swoosh, swish, rustle, whoosh, rumble, or a roar. Gardens also attract insects and pollinators that enhance natural sounds. You can add water features like a fountain, water wall, pond, and more.

4. Touch:

Plants with unique textures can encourage a sense of touch. Moss, seedpods, roses, touch-me-not plants, and Hyacinths are some of the popular textured plants. Further, stones, pebbles, hardscapes, water features, and sculpture also stimulate touch senses.

5. Taste:

Grow fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices plants to stimulate your taste buds. From oranges, mangoes, and strawberries to peppers, mint, and parsley, you have limitless options.


We can say that hortifuturism is the most popular gardening trend of 2024. The term means futuristic gardens that are inspired by science fiction, consisting of exotic, uniquely textured, and colourful plants.

This is an innovative gardening type that is a blend of creativity and futuristic concepts. Hortifuturism is a visuals-based trend that can make your garden stand out and interesting.

Some Popular Hortifuturistic Plants:

  1. Bright neon plants like croton, dumb cane, pothos, coleus, and rex begonia.
  2. Cyber Lime is the colour of the year 2024. Some plants you can explore in Cyber Lime are Aureum, Euphorbia, and Limelight (Hydrangea paniculata).
  3. Textured plants can add a cosmic touch; for example — the polka dot plant (Hypoestes phyllostachya), nerve plant (Fittonia),
  4. Chinese Evergreen and ti plant (Cordyline fruticosa).
  5. Glow-at-night plants such as moonflower, night phlox, evening primrose, firefly plant (Physalis alkekengi), and dusty miller.

Smart Gardening

Smart Gardening Devices: Garden Trends 2024

Using smart technology in gardens can ease gardening tasks, make it more sustainable, and reduce the waste of resources. Drip irrigation is one such example that uses technology to supply the appropriate amount of water to plants so that they can thrive without water wastage.

You can find trending garden gadgets that help reduce electricity usage, improve garden maintenance, and maximize the efficiency of the garden.

Popular 2024 Gardening Tech:

Outdoor solar lights, smart irrigation systems, remote-controlled lawnmowers, self-watering pots and watering tubes, smart mosquito repellants, soil sensors, and more.

Biophilic Gardens

Biophilic Gardening: Garden Trends 2024

Gained popularity in 2020, the biophilic garden concept is still a prevalent gardening trend in 2024 because it can seamlessly integrate indoors, outdoors, and nature to create a holistic space. Biophilic designs come with a lot of health benefits and are considered therapeutic gardens.

Biophilic Garden Essentials:

Open indoor planning, adding indoor plants and water features, designing semi-open spaces like a living room or bedroom, and a combination of natural and artificial lighting. Biomorphic shapes, sensory stimulation, and natural materials (timber, bamboo, and stone) can enhance the design.

Air-Purifying Indoor Plants

Indoor Plants: Garden Trends 2024

Air pollution is at its peak in a lot of cities in India, which brings our focus to air-purifying plants for homes and offices. These indoor plants generate more oxygen, reduce micro-toxins from the air, and may even remove VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from the environment. Moreover, indoor plants also improve moisture levels in the home, which can decrease the presence of dust particles and pollen suspended in the air.

Scientifically, you need at least one plant for every 10 sqm of space. Since you may have space constraints indoors, consider vertical, hanging, and container gardens with air-purifying plants.

Common Air-Purifying Plants:

Peace lily, Epipremnum aureum (Rhaphidophora aurea), spider plant, bamboo palm, sword fern, pothos, anthurium, sansevieria, dracaena, areca palm, and chrysanthemum.

This covers the major 2024 garden trends that are already attracting a lot of limelight. These design concepts are ecological, promoting natural and local flora. By following the popular gardening ideas, you can develop an integrated space for yourself that is a perfect combination of luxury, nature, and aesthetics.

Most of the above-listed concepts are technical and may require professional assistance from a landscaping company. Indeville Design Studio has a team of experienced architects, landscapers, and botanists who can help you create your dream garden using 2024 trending concepts. Reach out to us today!


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